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Hung Ca has attended International Seafood Exhibitions and boosted export market development

In the context of the present economic crisis, this has influenced  exporting as a whole and Pangasius exporters, Vitenam Seafood will be difficult in developing.  

Outsides entering traditionally international Seafood such as European Seafood Exhibition, China and Boston Expo, in 2012 HungCa Co., actively participated in others such as Barcelona Expo, SIAL expo. This is the 1st time HungCa took part in these ones.

Seafood Barcelona Expo (5-7, Oct, 2012) is the first exhibition which majors in seafood, was taken in Barcelona City where concentrates a lot of seafood companies and suply goods for  the Eastern region of this  country. At the exhibition, HungCa met traditional customers who come from European region and exhibitors from Italia, Holland, England, France, Morocco. Etc… as well. HungCa’s booth attracted and impressed exhibitors by Pangasius products which are not only high value, beautiful colors but are also highly variable in terms of species and modern booth.  

Representative of HungCa Co., was introducing products with an European Client in Barcelona Exhibition
HungCa met the old customers at its booth

Sial Middle East 2012 is the the largest structure exhibiton in the Middle East region, which was held from the 26 to 28, November at Abu Dhabi – Capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 450 companies from 21 countries’ paticipation. This is a chance for HungCa Co., to introduce products and find new clients at Middle East – North Africa.

HungCa met a new client in SIAL exhibiton

At SIAL Expo this year, there are only 3 Seafood Companies’ paticipation so there is not a lot of competition like as other ones. This is new way to find more and more clients, customers to develop market in case Europe economies ecession, the volume of the consumption is decreasing and the change habit of using seafood at Middle East market as well.

(Update: Huong Nguyen)

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