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HUNGCA - Vietnam Excellent Brand

On March, 3rd 2012, at HaNoi Opera was held ceremony “The 10th Gold Dragon Enterprises” and  “the 8th VietNam Excellent Brand” with title “Calamity is man's true touchstone" by the Ministry of Industry and Trade combine with  VnEconomy. HungCa Company was honored to be Top 90 Enterprises which get  Vietnam Excellent Brand Award.

This is annual activity which is held by VnEconomy, was attract the representatives of 160  Enterprises, include of: 70 Foreign Invested Enterprises and 90 VietNam Excellent Brand. They are enterprises which have got fine performance in producing, trading, stable brand building and  development, especially making it much contributor to VietNam economy.

This is the third time  HungCa has got this award. After 6 year- formation and development, HungCa Pangasius brand really got a foothold  on the market  with slogan “quality from nature”, more and more  got goodwill wish customers, clients  in the region and the world. HungCa  board and all the employees  always try to make an effort at developing successfully the top seafood brand in Panagsius field in VietNam.

Representatives got "VietNam Excellent Brand" Award

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