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Remove difficulties in exporting to America

On December 14th 2009, in HaNoi, the Agriculture and rural development ministry and the Vietnam seafood enterprises had a meeting with Mr.John Connelly – president of National Fisheries Institute of America ( NFI ) about controling the quality of seafood when exporting to America 

In the meeting, some difficulties discussed for the benefit of both parties basing on development of commercial activities in Pangasius in particular and seafood in common

Deputy minister of Agriculture and rural development ministry, Mr. Luong Le Phuong said that in some markets of Vietnam’s seafood from beginning of year till now, the strongest market is EU, accounts for 26% the total market share, Japan is 17,8%, the US ranked third with 16,9%. The output of Pangaius now accounts for 31,8% in total export seafood products, therefore, applying the anti- dumping tax for pangasius is unfair in trade

Mr. Luong Le Phuong suggested that the seafood enterprises of Vietnam and America have to unify some problems of methods in purchasing

Mr. John Connelly said that if America considers the Pangasius of Vietnam as the catfish and continues to apply the anti-dumping, the damage not only comes to Vietnam, but also comes to America. The Americans will have no chance to enjoy foods from Pangasius. America is applying the tariff and non-tariff barriers to prevent competitive products from overseas. This is the “ weapon” of America Agriculture ministry to protect the domestic fisheries industry

However, there are four ministries of America opposed to give the Pangasius into the list of catfishes. The ministry of America trade opposed strongly ministry of Agriculture. Because they worred that Vietnam will give this problem before court to sue America with WTO. Mr. Connelly gave some problems that the seafood enterprises in both parites have to resolve.Net weight of frozen seafoods is the first problem. He said that the products selling in America have the weight under 100% net weight writing on packaging all are illegal

The US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) gave clearly the way to agree by consent the weight of glazing into the net weight of frozen seafoods is a deceptive act. The Vietnam seafoods exporting to America usually add glazing to protect the products and when packing, not subtract the glazing’s weight. Second, preventing to transport products. NFI is in doubt that Vietnam seafoods transported to Mexico before to America. Third, the name of various species can make American consumers confused .Forth, the substance to keep water is used in products

Mr. Nguyen Huu Dung, deputy chairman of VASEP said that under the pressure by the order of applying anti-dumping tax of frozen fillet pangasius into America at this moment, only Vietnam enterprises which America exceptionally applied low tax rate and zero tax rate can export. Now Vietnam has ten companies like that, they all make the prestige absolutely with ministry of Amecica Trade, therefore, they can’t deliberately overlooked the regulations of net weight. VASEP is ready to co-operate with NFI and America exporters in order to resolve this problem well.

Source: VNEconomy

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