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Hung Ca joining Vietnam HR Day 2009

This is an annual event organized in collaboration between HRLink and Vietnam Education Consultancy.

This year, the conference on human resources had the honour to celebrate some special guests as: Mr. Nguyen Van An, the former President of Nation Parliament, Mr. Tran Dinh Thien, the Director of Vietnam Institute of Economics, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Loc, the former Minister of the Ministry of Justice, etc with the presence of more than 800 CEOs, CPOs of corporates and companies of the country. Delegates discussed in many zones: "Recruit and keep talent", "Corporate culture", "CEO & HRM Exchange", "Salary, bonus and benefits", etc.

Attending the program, CPO of Hung Ca, Mrs. Pham Thi Hong shared her opinions about what a good CPO was, how to know whether you had qualities to become a CPO, etc. She received plenty of agreements about this topic.

Through attending Vietnam HR Day, Hung Ca desires to improve its position in the recruiting field all over the country and to build an image of a professional company with a good policy of benefit and salary and to become a attractive working environment.


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