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HungCa introduced the close process in farming, processing and exporting Pangasius at Vietfish Expo 2012

From 26 to 28 of June, HungCa Co. took part in VietNam Fisheries International Exhibition 2012 (Vietfish) at SaiGon Exhibition and Convention Center which was held by Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers.

At this Expo, beside introducing the traditional products from Pangasius, Basa, HungCa ubiquitous and widespread introduced to customers, clients the scale model with the Global G.A.P’s strandard and close process in farming, processing and exporting as well. All of products are strictly controlled by the Global G.A.P’s strandard farming, high technology factory and quality checked.

Traditional Products from Pangasius

Vietfish Expo is also an occasion for HungCa confirm with customers, clients about fresh products, quality from nature, served the most difficult customers and especially safe for The environment.

In 2012, the world economy is in financial crisis, hits the home businesses and aquaculture‘s difficulties this past time, however HungCa also have received a lot of trust  from the clients. This is good chance and the challenges  for HungCa are constantly looking for ways to improve product quality to meet the demands of the market, please the average consumer and expand the market.

At the booths: 700-701-702-703-800-802, HungCa are privileged to welcome 110 visitors , more than anticipated 80 ones for making discussion in business. “Nowaday, in case there are many difficulties and blip on the market, stable source of material is important base for Pangasius Export Enterprises survive and develop stably”. Mr Tran Van Han – Deputy of General Director said.

HungCa Booth was attractive many visitors

 HungCa Seafood Process factory is scheduled to be run the ended of  this year, supply 290,000 tons of food for farming HungCa Co. and Mekong Delta. Now  HungCa are proud of  the largest farming area in  Cuu Long delta with 450 hectare square.  

 Some images in Vietfish 2012:

Hungca Booth at Vietfish 2012
Visit us at Booths: 700-701-702-703-800-802
The Global G.A.P Farming Model of HungCa
High Technology Factories Model of HungCa
HungCa introduced traditional products at Vietfish
Resource – Human – Co-operation relation is main bases for the stable development
HungCa Booths were atractive about 110 visitors at Vietfish 2012

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