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HungCa’s Product attract customers at European Seafood Exposition

During three days from 24th to 26th of April, 2012 HungCa Company joined European Seafood Exposition which is the world’s biggest seafood show in Brussels – Belgium.

At Hall 9 - 4359, HungCa introduced its traditional products to the customers and clients . For a long time, HungCa’s products have been received a lot of trust and well-known for  high quality of its products and safety of the users.

With 400 hectares of  farming area and closed cultivating, processing and exporting, which is closely supervised by an experienced management, HungCa is proud of providing products which are not only delicious, fresh but also close to nature for  millions of customers in all parts of the world.

During three days at European Seafood Exposition, HungCa deal with a lot of  visitors and many the contracts have been signed as well. There have less than our fair share of visitors, however most of them are real potential customers. “Though the movements of Catfish’s cultivating, processing and exporting sector, we always belives in HungCa Brand by the stable supply and  high quality products”, Customer said.

Some images at European Seafood Exposition:

HungCa’s booth at European Seafood Exposition

HungCa’s representative was discussing with the clients

HungCa’s Product attract customers at European Seafood Exposition

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