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HungCa Company was presented the third award “Gold Hands” Dong Thap province Seafood Processing Competition 2011.

The second of December, HungCa Company participated “Gold Hands” Dong Thap province Seafood processing competition 2011. This is the third competition which was held by Dong Thap Labour Union combines The Departments of: Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs,  Agriculture and Rural Development, Industry and Trade, economic management of committee.

At this competition, there were 84 candidates who come from 14 teams, belong 10 enterprises in Dong Thap province.

The competition has 4 parts: introduction, professional knowledge, teammates, seafood processing gold hands. HUNG CA team has calm, confidence and  exchange  sprit, learning and got the third award. Besides Organization committee presented “Silver hands” award for Fish Fixing Team and “Bronze hands” for Fillet team at professional knowledge part.

“This was meaningful competition, make a chance for workers not only exchange, inquiring mind but also activate engrossed in working, improve professional knowledge any more so as to create high quality, safety-hygiene, capacity and good appearance products”, HungCa Company representative said at this competiton.

Some images of HungCa Team at the competition:

HungCa Team is determined to get award
Calm - Confident - Win
All members had ttendtion before competition
HungCa Team got Awards from Organization Committee

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