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Hung Ca Company celebrated Mid Autumn Festival for orphan Children with disabilities.

On September 10th 2011 ( August 13th Lunar year), to bring the Happy Mid Autumn Festival for poor children, Hung Ca Co has conducted a meaningful activity with the aim to celebrate the festival and give gifts for orphan Children with disabilities at Thien Phuoc  shelter ,village 6, Nhon Tay commune, Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh city.
 Most of Hungca employees and its member companies gathered together at Thien Phuoc shelter, along with “Ma Soeur’s” to prepare meal for those children in this party. Thanks to this chance, the company brought to them nearly 100 gifts including cash and moon cake.
On this occasion, Hung Ca also supported some facilities to improve living condition for the shelter such as: air conditioner and water heater by solar energy power.
Total value of this charity activity is over 50 millions. By this trip, the company would like to bring merry, cozy and meaningful mid autumn festival for all children in Thien Phuoc shelter.

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